As a believer of the almighty king, our walk of life is more than just going to church or confessing that we are believers. Here we have preachers, singers, rappers, even praise dancers, spreading the message, when it comes to Christianity It can come in all types of different expressions, but Its never been done by something as simple as a sneaker. See verbally its important, but we also must remember that physically, its important as well, its a way of life, its not just by what we say or speak in our faith, but also by what we do in our works. You ask where did the name come from? Yahshua proposed transliteration of the original Hebrew or Aramaic name of Jesus commonly used in that time. The spelling Yahshua (יהושע) is found in Hebrew texts transliterated as Yothe He Waw Shin Ayin. The Name Yahshua is just such a compound Name. It is a combination of Yahweh’s Name in a personal name (YAH: yod-heh) and SHUA (shin-ayin), which means salvation. Here at Yahshau KiKs we love God, we love fashion, there are many believers in this world who loves God and loves fashion also. Why not create our own brand behind a name that shall reign forever. You ask why would we design a sneaker with the name Yahshua! Haha why not? When it comes to any sneaker deal or shoe deal, it comes when one dominates something good or bad right. Jordan dominated the game of basketball was every persons idol, especially poor kids dreaming of making it out the neighborhood by playing sports! could have built chances in the community but instead built prisons, Kanye dominated country singers on stage at award shows (worst era in award history) and he got a shoe! Like seriously? I mean come on man! Yahshua!!

YHWH, YAHWEH a.k.a Jesus!! dominated the world conquered death and rose in 3 Days.

I would say that's unbeatable, Anyway! we have some nice clothing to go with our new kicks new school, old school, high end to just a regular T-shirt. If you are a believer of the most high & love to rep the name "JESUS" Yahshua KiKs we are for the believers, we live for change, and we Stand on our Faith.

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